Carlos Vettorazzi

About Carlos Vettorazzi

Fifteen years ago, I found myself at a point of utter exhaustion, engulfed in profound sadness I began meticulously outlining the intricacies of ending my life, leaving no detail unconsidered.

Rather than giving into sadness, I picked myself up and started a new journey.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve evolved and discovered new aspects of myself. This gradual transformation has affected my body, mind, work, and lifestyle.

On this site, you’ll find the life lessons and skills I’ve picked up along my journey, all shared in the hope that you too, can create a happier life.

I’m a registered nurse, an ICF-certified coach, and a writer.

I strive to fill each line I write with valuable practical wisdom that you can use.

I love taking complex ideas and twisty mental models and untangle them into practical skills that make life not just tolerable, but fulfilling.