If You Don’t Design Your Life—Someone Else Will

18 December 2023
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Ever felt like you’re watching the story of your life unfold with no control?

I did, for many years. It’s a disorienting feeling, comparable to being swept away in a river with no say toward the current.

Not designing your way of life is an oversight that leads to profound dissatisfaction, unfulfilled dreams, and a persistent sense of unmet potential.

This Weeks Challenge

Take a moment to reflect on the current design of your life. 

Are you actively designing and influencing it, or are you simply going with the flow?

Two Empowering Questions

What values and priorities guide your life?

Are you making intentional choices that align with your authentic self?

Three Practical Steps

Identify what matters to you in different aspects of life, such as career, relationships, personal growth, and health.

Write down your values and priorities as a guide for decision-making.

1. Set Meaningful Goals

Define your long-term aspirations and break them down into smaller, manageable milestones.

Create a timeline or action plan to track your progress towards these goals.

2. Make Intentional Choices

Consider the potential consequences and impact of each decision on your values, goals, and overall well-being.

Practice saying “no” to commitments or opportunities that do not align with your priorities.

3. Pick ONE Thing You Want to Change This Week

Remember, even small advancements make a big difference in designing a satisfying life.

Keep yourself empowered and focused as you design the life of your dreams.

Let me know what you think, the difficulties you’re facing, and how you’re progressing.

Wishing you a week filled with purpose and fulfillment!

– Carlos Vettorazzi

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