On consciousness, reducing information overload, and our relationship with it.

16 April 2024
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Welcome to this week’s edition of “The Incisive.”

Research suggests consciousness is fundamental for our experience of the world, our ability to interact with it, and our very sense of being.

Consciousness plays a crucial role in many cognitive functions, including attention, decision-making, learning and memory, problem-solving, and emotional processing.

How can we cut through the noise and focus on the essentials in today’s information-overloaded society?

This Week’s Challenge

This week, challenge yourself to limit the noise in your life. Identify one source of information overload – it could be social media, news, emails or constant app notifications.

For this entire week, commit to reducing your interaction with this source. Notice how this impacts your mental clarity, focus and overall wellbeing.

Two Incisive Questions

What is one area in your life that you feel is overwhelmed by information? How does this excessive information impact your daily life?

Do you control the information you consume, or does it control you? What steps can you take today to become the master rather than the slave of information?

Three Practical Steps

Audit your digital consumption

Take a closer look at how much time you’re spending on digital platforms. Use tools like screen time trackers to give you a clear picture of your digital consumption habits.

Create ‘No Digital’ zones

Establish certain times or places where you commit to not using any digital devices. This could be during meals, an hour before bedtime or a specific location in your house.

Engage in mindful consumption

Before you check your phone, open an app or start scrolling, pause and ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” or “Is this contributing positively to my life?” This small pause can help you break the cycle of mindless consumption.


I hope these insights and practical steps will empower you to find greater balance and personal growth in your life.

In this week’s comprehensive article, “From Overwhelm to Awareness: Cultivating Conscious Living in a Noisy World,” you’ll learn how consciousness and memories interact and shape each other, the impact of information overload on consciousness, and the negative effects of reduced attention span, impaired decision-making, and weakened ability to be present.

Read or listen to full article here.

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