There are Good Days, Bad Days, and There are Days Where we Learn

12 January 2024
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It’s 6:00 in the morning, pitch dark outside, and I’m sitting in front of my microphone in the school auditorium.

I am recording the first five episodes of my podcast, or should I say, I’m trying to and I am still struggling with my first.

Today is not a “good day” as I keep messing up.

It feels more like I’m learning a new language than recording a podcast.

After starting over more than fifty times, the voice in my head says; good morning, can I bother you for a minute?

Me: No, I am in the middle of something here.

The voice won’t take no for an answer and continues talking.

The voice: Not to be the one to say “I told you so,” but what on earth are you doing?

Me: I am recording a podcast episode, or I was until you came along.

The voice: This is a waste of time. Your voice is terrible. You sound like Mickey Mouse. Honestly, no one is going to listen to this.

I pause everything I am doing, open a note in my note taking app on my desktop, and write down a single question:

What are you doing?

I reply: I am recording a podcast.

I write one more question:


To add value to other people who are struggling.


So they can improve their lives.

The voice in my head interrupts, takes over, and answers without my permission.

“Who are you to do that?”

“Me. I can’t teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

The doubt and fearful voice subsides and I feel my body landing like after a turbulent flight. I save my notes to a folder where I keep my article ideas and return to the podcast recording.

The lesson here?

Never tolerate disrespect, not even from yourself.

Have patience, all things are difficult before they become easy.

To escape the fear of making a fool of yourself, you must go through it, not around it.

Finally, “You can’t teach anybody anything, not even yourself, only inspire constructive thinking.”

In life, we experience a wide range of days – good, bad, and those that offer valuable lessons.

These different types of days shape us and contribute to our personal growth and development.

The only thing standing between us improving our thinking is ourselves.

Good Days

Good days are the ones that bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

They are the days when everything seems to fall into place, and we experience success, love, and positivity.

Good days often leave us feeling grateful and content.

We desire and actively pursue the positive feelings and emotions that good days bring. On the days when we fall short, we refer to them as “bad days.”

Bad Days

On the other hand, bad days are the ones filled with challenges, setbacks, and disappointment. They can be emotionally draining and test our resilience.

Difficult days, as we think to ourselves, like the voice in my head told me in the school auditorium, usually include things going wrong, disagreements, or personal challenges.

Because of this, we usually focus on pursuing good days and miss out on the chances of learning and become stronger.

Days of Learning

There are days that are not necessarily good or bad, but days of learning.

These are the days when we stop chasing the wrong things and make space for the right ones.

We control our thoughts and embrace new experiences, gain knowledge, and expand our perspectives.

The days we decide to make mistakes, face obstacles, or step out of our comfort zones is a win.

Days of learning have a resonance with them, teaching us valuable lessons that shape our character and help us grow.

Final thoughts

Life is a book.. some chapters give you a good feeling, others make you sad and some make you learn. You need all of them.

Each type chapter, no matter how short, will contribute to your personal development and understanding of the world around you.

So, dance during the good days, support yourself during the bad days, and embrace the days when you learn to navigate life’s challenges.

The moment you let go of this discipline is the moment you give up on yourself.

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