Wherever You Go, You will Always Find Yourself Where You Left Yourself

18 January 2024
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Have you ever noticed that no matter where you go or what you do, you always take yourself with you?

Do you often find yourself where you left off?

The context change, but you find yourself in the same place?

Regardless of the different paths we take in life, we ultimately end up in a place that results from our own decisions and actions.

The choices we make shape our lives.

Each decision, whether big or small, has consequences that lead us down different paths.

However, no matter which path we choose, we eventually arrive at a point that aligns with the choices we have made.

We are the most dangerous company we keep.

I used to believe that a new job, romance, eating plan, or city would shake things up.

I made a fresh start and as I navigated through new different experiences and settings, I could learn, evolve, and become better versions of myself.

What did I do?

I kept reacting the same way, disrespecting myslef by not setting boundaries for myself or others.

I brought all my bad habits with me into the new environment and destroyed it.

My lack of systems and routines made me keep everything in my head.

Every day, I would meet the same tired version of myself, constantly blaming my job, my partner, and the city I lived in.

It wasn’t until I got burned out for the second time that I started reflecting on the choices and decisions that had led me to where I was.

It’s a strange and fascinating concept to ponder how I was so prone to escaping taking responsibility, even when it was destroying my health.

The Influence of Choices

We often underestimate the extent to which our lives are influenced by the decisions we make.

Each decision we take, big or small, has consequences that lead us to different paths.

But no matter which path we choose, we eventually end up where we left ourselves.

It’s a continuous loop. Our choices create our perception of reality in an intricate and never-ending cycle.

Every decision we make has a profound influence on our own realities and the persona we carry throughout life.

Embracing Personal Responsibility

Accepting that we are responsible for the person who follows us everywhere we go, that our own lives is an important aspect of this concept.

Things do not sort themselves out, like a friend of mine kept repeating to himself for twenty-five years.

We throw in the towel and settle for our life, accepting the mantra “it is what it is.”

That is something we say to postpone the harsh truth that we are not living our best life. The number one reason for this is ourselves.

When we recognize that we shape our future and make the desired changes, we encounter a different person when we look in the mirror.

By ceasing to depend on external circumstances or other people to determine our destination, we will discover someone else where we left ourselves.

A person who is no longer driven solely by anxiety or fear, but possesses a sense of calm and confidence.

A person who approaches challenges with a constructive mindset and embraces new opportunities with enthusiasm and determination.

Staying Mindful and Present

To truly understand and appreciate this concept of finding yourself where you left yourself, you must practice mindfulness and live in the present moment.

By being aware of who you are meeting, your actions, and your decisions, as well as the stories you tell yourself, you can ensure that you are more intentional and purposeful in everything you do.

That is who you will find everywhere you go.

Finding Balance and Growth

If you’ve been keeping up with my writing, you know I’m a firm believer in personal growth and self-discovery.

That I see every opportunity to navigate through various environments and encounters, I am presented with opportunities to learn, develop, and become an improved version of myself.

I still get triggered like everyone else. The only difference is now is when I find myself in a familiar place, I take a moment to reflect on the choices and decisions that led me there.

I embrace the discomfort and take personal responsibility.

Do I successes every time? Of course not.

That is the reason I am writing these words, as a reminder that I will always find myself where I left off.

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