Be the Person You Want to Have a Relationship With

25 December 2023
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You are the mother of your romantic relationships.

It all starts and ends with your definition of love.

Identifying your false beliefs about love is key to finding a more suitable partner.

One way to begin is by acknowledging that these influences largely originate from early childhood, societal pressures, media portrayals, and a lack of self-awareness.

This distorts your understanding of love and creating a persona that fosters unrealistic expectations.

This Weeks Challenge

Identify the qualities that make you attracted to someone.

Do your values match up in your relationships, or are you trying to make up for something you’re denying yourself?

Two Empowering Questions


What values and priorities guide your approach to relationships and are they aligned with your authentic self?


Do you actively engage in self-reflection to assess areas for personal growth, ensuring you’re on the path to becoming the partner you want to date?

Three Practical Steps


Define Your Values

Identify the qualities you admire in others and want to cultivate in yourself. Write down your core values as a guide for decision-making in relationships.


Reflect on Your Relationship Patterns

Take a moment to identify a recurring pattern in your approach to relationships.

It could be related to communication, expectations, or decision-making.

Define your long-term aspirations for a fulfilling relationship. Break them down into smaller, manageable milestones, and create a plan to track your progress.


Pick ONE Thing You Want to Change This Week

Write one specific thing you’d like to improve or adjust this week to be the person you want to have a relationship with

Let me know what you think, the difficulties you’re facing, and how you’re progressing.

Wishing you a week filled with purpose and fulfillment!

– Carlos Vettorazzi

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