Embracing Stress as a Workout Session

6 December 2023
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The first step is you showing up

Dealing with stress is like hitting the mental gym. If you avoid or ignore it, you miss out on the opportunity to exercise and strengthen your mental and emotional well-being.

When you go to the gym, you deliberately show up, engage in exercises that challenge your muscles, pushing them to become stronger.

In much the same way, managing stress requires you to show up and do mental and emotional exercises.

This is the only way to build resilience and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Your ability to adapt and handle challenging situations results from your mental workouts.

Skip them and your life will suck.

Just like skipping the gym, avoiding stress has its consequences. Despite its temporary relief, it leads to increased anxiety, negative emotions, and relationship difficulties.

Prioritize your well-being by consciously committing to yourself, similar to how you commit to the gym or a workout regime.

Warm-Up: Recognizing Stress

Before starting a mental workout, recognize and accept the internal and external stressors.

Stress is an inherent aspect of life.

The primary problem with stress is your perception of it, which is often counterproductive.

Personal opinions make this mental workout feel even harder and add further stress.

Exercise 1: Building Mental Strength

The first exercise is like lifting weights to get strong.

Here, it’s about facing and managing stress to get mentally stronger. It’s your chance to challenge how you think, adapt to new things, and grow into an emotionally intelligent human being.

Exercise 2: Pushing Your Limits

Similar to pushing yourself during a workout, dealing with stress rather than numbing or distracting yourself from it motivates you to explore your potential.

A stress-free existence does not equate to “the good life”.

A mindset that embraces challenges. That knows that they aren’t roadblocks, but places you go to workout to live your best life. That is “the good life”.

Cool-Down: Think Back and Learn

As you cool down after a workout, do the same after managing stress.

Take a moment to understand your journey and progress.

Extract valuable lessons from the events that unfolded. This helps you build strategies to handle stress better in the future.

The person who can reflect on their stress-filled experiences empowers themselves to face life’s challenges with resilience and wisdom.

Recovery: Rest and Self-Care

After any tough workout, taking a break is critical. In a similar manner, when addressing stress, making time for self-care and relaxation is paramount.

This is your opportunity to restore balance to your nervous system, recharge mentally and emotionally, and prepare yourself for whatever life throws at you next.

Final thoughts

Seeing stress as a workout changes how you experience it and helps you face it better.

It’s the first step to becoming a healthier and stronger you.

When you dedicate yourself to embrace challenges, prioritizing self-improvement, and addressing stress, it will lead to personal growth.

Start a stress “workout” routine by making yourself a priority. Today!

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